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Would you like to maximize your comfort while out on the trail?

Updated: Jun 23

Of course you do – and that’s why you have comfort way up the list when shopping for your new Hiking Shoes.

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How many times have we left the house fully kitted out for our day’s trek and halfway through we realize we have the wrong socks on? Probably not often, but allow me to let you in on a little secret – Socks do matter, and they matter a lot.

Our feet are important to us - they keep us up and erect! They allow us to roam wherever our hearts desire, but they do need looking after.

The best Hiking Socks will look after your feet, they will support you in the right places and they will keep you dry, wick out any moisture, keep you warm and protect those little digits from friction blisters.

Socks come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to know exactly what purpose they are intended for; whether it’s a day’s hike through woodland, a mountain trek or trail running… all of which have different demands on your feet.

So let’s have a look at the spec, and then you will be in a better place to decide what sock is fit for purpose for your outdoor pursuits.

· Seamless construction reduces friction

· Breathability wick out moisture and heat

· High density knit added to the wear zones

· Cushioned sole for extra bounce and comfort

· Form fitting ribbed support

· Materials include Merino Wool, Nylon, Polyester and Elastane

Have a look below for some amazing reviews of Top Quality Hiking Socks you can include on your next adventure.

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Micro Socks - Women’s Elite Wool Performance Sock

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Darn Tough Number 2 Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's

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Darn Tough Coolmax Micro Crew Cushion Sock - Men's

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Smartwool Women’s Hiking Crew Socks - Ultra Light Wool Performance Sock

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