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Hiking and Young People needn't be a drama.

Updated: Jun 23

If you are thinking about going on a hike with a young person... think again?

In show-business they say - never work with children or animals, but why? Is it because they are unpredictable, always present in the moment and respond to everything and anything around them. Surely this is a blissful state to be, that's what happens when we are stopped in our tracks and look in awe at the majesty of a mountain landscape or the sun dancing through the tree's as we walk through forest on a sunny spring afternoon, is this child-like?

In the great outdoors we are all vulnerable to the many twists and turns mother nature offers, but we as adults have a responsibility to ourselves and to others and with this information we can make the calculated decisions that keep us safe to enjoy all that is offered outdoors.

As responsible adults we always plan and prepare for a hike. We endeavor to have the best possible experience; while always on the back burner we stay mindful of time and place; and being aware of how in any given situation things can quickly change.

I follow the 3P's rule for any successful outcome

Planning Preparation Performance

PLAN your trip in advance like you normally would - taking into account the journey there, the trail, terrain, weather and exit plan if needed.

PREPARE the equipment you may need, including emergency equipment, extra food and clothing, leaving travel information with a trusted source

PERFORM to the best of your ability as an observer and as a participant, always being mindful for your young charge and their pace and ability.

Taking children out on a hike needn't be a drama, we can enjoy the great outdoors together if we ourselves are organised and ready to share the experience. We plan our journey well and take into account our 'charge' and enjoy sharing some truly unique adventure memories. There is much to learn from children and the education nature provides us can be both exhilarating and refreshing - no matter our age.

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