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A Glorious Day Hiking on the Camino Frances

Updated: Jun 21

When I awoke this morning I was only about 9km from my Albergue in Cruz de Fero but it could have been a thousand! High up in the Galacian mountains I set off from Rabanal Del Camino to embark on what would prove to be undoubtedly one of my most memorable experiences of the whole adventure.

Leaving at 5am the air was chilly and sky was clear, ablaze with twinkling stars leading my way like the many who had ventured before. My trusted Black Diamond head torch guided my path through dense woodland eventually arriving at Foncebada for a swift coffee and croissant brekkie before my final ascent.

I’ll never forget my excitement building with each step I took as I neared Cruz de Fero. All physical exhaustion instantly forgotten as I felt at peace… fully harmonising with Mother -Nature. I arrived as the sun rose from behind the horizon climbing higher and higher displaying an incredible spectrum of colours and I was aware of feeling the sense of a new day and inner hope which would forever be cemented in my heart. I laid my stone (as is custom) and took time to reflect on days gone by.

Leaving my stone at Cruz de Fero, was like leaving part of me that was no longer needed. The refreshed, rejuvenated me was ready for the next part of my journey.

The Camino de Santiago is an amazing multi-day hike spanning 800km across the north of Spain and my Meindl Journey Mid GTX Hiking Shoes was my chosen footwear for the entire time, never letting me down – I’d highly recommend them.

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